Running at the Speed of Records

It might not be “new” news, in fact it was September 28th when the marathon record was broken at the 2014 Berlin Marathon.  2:02:57 was the new record time.  A truly remarkable accomplishment – no one had finished in under 2:03 in all of the marathons to date.  It was a time that seemed too fast, it requires a pace of 4:41 minutes per mile.  Faster than any of us can run one mile and they do it for 26.  This year the “boys” went to Berlin break the record but they did not leave it to just “a good day”.  They had quite a few reasons that they got the world record.  Pacers – they were great and really kept the leaders on track, the weather was perfect 48 degrees, the course was flat and fast and the winner pushed harder and harder as the race progressed and while he did not look like he was pained – there is no question Dennis Kimetto went to a different level and took all of the things that were in his favor and then took it by himself in the last 5km to get the world record.  And so the next time someone says “that’s not possible” give some thought to how the world record has come down 24 minutes since 1944.  The guys in Berlin were true examples of living THPL – improving performance and never giving into constraints that others put on them.  An inspiration for sure.

Marathon Records

  • 1944 2:26.42
  • 1954 2:17.39
  • 1964 2:12.12
  • 1974 2:09.12
  • 1984 2:08.05
  • 1994 2:06.50
  • 2004 2:04.55
  • 2014 2:02.57 

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