Everything in Moderation....not

 I am sure that you have been in a conversation or two where the comment was made – ‘everything in moderation” and in these circumstances there is usually a general agreement with the point.  But as I reflect on the art of the possible and THPL being one of the possible ways to live, it seems to me that “moderation” is in effect a statement of indifference.  What is it that moderation gets us?  Seems to me that it gets us average – it keeps us from doing more, pushing harder, reaching higher.  Moderation might be a good thing for some but if you want more fulfillment, want to improve performance or live a different life, one full of challenge, then moderation is not the order of the day.   It might actually be the one thing you stay away from.  Be all in ……or not in.  Both are powerful ways to live – all in or not in.   That’s right, make the choice, moderation or……THPL.  Feels like the right choice, yup…..

Loving life when I am not moderate