Set Long Term Goals

 There are a lot of different kinds of goals that one can set.  Short, medium, or long term.  Stretch, personal best, or realistic.  They come in many different forms and they are all great to have, to use and to leverage in your quest for the best version of THPL in your life.  I tend to like the long-term goals as they bring a different level of discipline, unpredictability, challenge and uncertainty to them.  When you set a goal for a year there is a lot that can change during that year that you cannot see when you set the goal – weather, health, interest, motivation, change and more can have an “exogenous” affect on your ability to achieve your goal.  That is the fun of it – can you beat the odds –stick to the plan for a long period of time and deliver on your goal.  It is a question we should play out in our lives, every year, by setting some truly annual goals – goals that need a long time to be able to achieve.  One of my goals for 2014 was to do 25,000 pullups.  It sound feasible when I set it last December.  But there were a lot of potential issues, could I find enough locations during my travels that would afford me the facility to do the pullups.  How would my body react to such a strain and would I stay interested in doing, on average 100 pullups a day?  Well the good news is that I have achieved my goal for 2014 – I am at 25,070 pullups.  I am happy to have made the goal and do feel it was hard enough to qualify for a long term goal.   Good news all around.  Now, I will continue with the pullups till year end and see how many I can get to – it is all upside from here.


Loving life long term goal in hand