Weekends offer a great time to work on a bit of functional specific training.  You have a bit more time to make a plan and then follow through.  We all know that some of our weekday workouts can just be perfunctory – we just get them done.  But when given the opportunity to take it up a notch we should seize it and do something with it.  So, how about this weekend you take a moment to train for speed.  It really is just good for you to run harder or ride harder or swim harder.  It brings a lot of benefits – it helps to develop fast twitch muscle fibers and when you turn them on in training they will be there and ready for you when you are in a race.  Intervals are straight forward – start with a warm up – then take ten, one minute intervals, and go easy (slow) for a minute and hard (fast) for a minute. Rotate ten times and then take time to cool down.  When you are done I bet you will feel better – energized and strong.  And this effort will carry through till a week later when you do it again.  There is no question that intervals will make you faster and faster is better  

Loving life in one minute intervals