THPL pushes us – it challenges us and it uses up a lot of our capacity on a daily basis.  Along the journey there are times when we need to recharge.  We need to remind ourselves that we cannot go on “full speed” every day.  There are many ways that we can recharge.  That is the good news.  The work is making sure that you actually take the time to recharge.  Here is a piece of advice for all of us – make recharging as important as pushing your performance.  Schedule it, stick to it and before long you will benefit from it.  Here are a few suggestions but you can, for sure, figure out additional ways to recharge.

  • Take a vacation or even just a day off. 
  • Spend time by yourself. 
  • Limit external inputs (you know them – email, TV etc)
  • Close out negativity (don’t watch the news)
  • Leave your digital world for a while
  • Get a massage
  • Spend time outside
  • Sleep late
  • Yoga
  • Whatever else recharges you

So, maybe we should print out this list (customized of course) and have it nearby – we can pull it out whenever we need a break, when we feel the need to recharge.  Do it and you will be better for it, yes indeed.

Loving life recharged and ready to go