Sleep Trackers

 I bet many of our THPL journeyman have, at some point, tried / used one of the sleep trackers that come with the activity trackers, or even a standalone one.  And I did the same.  And for a while it was fun and interesting.  Seems, that there is a resurgence around the topic with a growing availability of devices, watches, wrist bands etc and it got me to thinking about the practical implications of tracking your sleep and how it improves your performance.  The net for me is that the information that you find out about your sleep is just interesting – just not really as actionable as we would want if we were working to improve our performance.  If performance is the goal then sleep needs to become important – the number of hours, the time of day, the setting, they all influence how good sleep can help us perform better.  Not sure that the technology is correlated with the attributes of good sleep.  Maybe it keeps us focused on sleeping and making sleep important – then this is a good thing.  The bottom line is that anytime we have more data we will benefit from it – the question is, will it change the outcome or just make us more informed?  Maybe it just doesn’t matter – have fun exploring the “toys” and sleeping. Seems like two good things to play with.

Loving life even when sleeping