Tell Me How it Can Work

Choosing to life the THPL life creates a set of challenges that are met with one of two responses.  The first comes in many forms but you hear it most often expressed; How can I fit all of the activities relating to improving Life, Learning and Fitness into my busy life?  The alternative response, and less frequently heard is; Here is my plan for overcoming the challenge.  We all know that it is much easier to point out the reasons why not that can do –  and so we need to work actively to turn the legitimate thinking of what won’t work into a manifesto for getting it done. 

So here is the challenge – every time you think of, or hear someone, state why they cannot do it – you stop and offer the alternative - here is how I can do it.  This is what I need to do to get it done.  I can get it done if I do this…….  I am confident if you go through this process yourself or with someone, that you will not only find a way to get it done you will move beyond thinking and into action and you will have proven that you can do it. Yea baby!

Loving life solution in hand