It really is up to us

October 30th, Thursday, one of the 365 days in the year 2014.  And the risk is that we think about the day as nothing all that special  - just truly one of the many days that make up the year.  But if we are to live THPL, to take the journey towards higher performance and personal fulfillment, then there are no days that can be seem as “regular”.  We really need to look at every day is an opportunity to live the THPL life that is waiting for us.   That it really is up to us to seize the moment, to appreciate the opportunity and to be active about what we can become.  The best news is that there is no permission required - we can go with THPL as far as we each want to.  We can make our lives and then make them again and again.  How awesome is that?  Really, we can do that?  Yes indeed, it is up to us – so how about we smile and get to the opportunity at hand.  THPL here I come!!!

Loving life especially when I realized what was possible