Commit to Long Term Goals

2015 is quite a few months away from now but before you know it you will be working on your THPL goals for 2015.  And some of them might be “big” goals.  And if you want to give yourself the best chance of being able to accomplish them you should start thinking about them now.  Big goals require a lot of preparation, mentally and physically.  The time to maximize your fitness and mindset is now.  Now is the time to develop your skills, test your abilities and work on all related strategies that will support you as you drive towards your goal.  Giving yourself a long runway also gives you the flexibility to overcome possible setbacks from an illness, injury, or lifestyle complication.  So, think of the next three months as “free” months that will really get you ready for whatever you want to do next year.  It is much nicer to be ready for a big goal when you start the year rather than be behind when you start.  Yes, this is really the difference between THPL devotees and all others.  Time to go get it.  Enjoy

 Loving life with long term goals