60 Degrees

 I have been thinking lately that if someone asked you what is it like to live the THPL life, one way you would answer is  - it is a life full of change and challenge.  That you regularly seek out different and make sure that you do not live in a rut.  There are many ways to make sure this happens.  One is by travelling and putting yourself into different situations and circumstances.  As you travel you will learn, adapt and grow.   It is just a bi-product  of the change in time, culture, geography and people. 

My most recent opportunity to do this was this past weekend.  Here is the story: - I travelled from London to Phoenix (over the weekend) and made a 24 hour stop in NY.  It broke up the eight hour time zone shift and allowed me to get some clean clothes for the new time zone.  And as I left the house early this morning I was greeted by a nice 40-degree temperature.  Fast-forward to Phoenix and I found myself in 100-degree temperature.   Two big shifts - making an eight-hour time zone shift and a sixty-degree temperature shift.  Reacting to both with the impact that they can have on our internal systems takes care and attention.  Both can be overcome with the right techniques and mindset.  But you have to be active about it.  And so it is, THPL, the journey, the change along the way and the belief that we will learn to love and enjoy all that is different. 


Loving life with lots of change in it