The drive to maximum performance

Yes, we all know, for the most part, how to get our best performance – yet, yet, we are challenged to get there.  We have a lot of that gets in the way.  It can be the people we are with, the circumstance that we find ourselves in and then there are the times when we just cannot seem to put in the right effort to get the right result.  And so to remind ourselves of some of the approaches and techniques that help us get to the level of maximum performance that we all know we should be at try the following:

  • Train your mind to not jump ahead of itself today or on big days. Let outcomes be a result of your ability to stay in the moment and to be proactive throughout whatever you are doing. 
  • Be inspired to compete with the highest level of competition – don’t hang with weaker competitors, avoid them like the plague
  • Practice thinking techniques ("me" time) for 30 minutes a day
  • Remove yourself from energy suckers. Surround yourself with people who shower you with positive energy. 
  • Do not strive for perfection, aim for excellent execution.
  • Identify your strongest skills and assets. Bring this confidence with you everywhere you go (and interestingly enough others will follow your lead when you do this). 

Loving life as I drive to max performance