Giving Back

 We spend a lot of time on our THPL journey focused on ourselves, our performance and our personal mission.  This is a very good thing – it has a direct benefit (on yourself) and indirect benefit (on others).  It is a good, though, to remind yourself that we need to take a moment to think beyond ourselves and to focus on how you can make a difference in other people’s lives and how we can do it more regularly.  You can do this in a traditional way by making a donation or you can make it a challenge to yourself to be more creative such that you give in ways that are unexpected or really needed.  How about professional training or jobs coaching for people out of work.  Volunteering is great, and, if you decide to do it, then by all means bring others with you.  Or maybe you can just take some time to help someone who looks like they are in need.  Regardless of form, there are many ways to pay it forward – the key point is to make it a goal to give back and then execute on it.  We can each figure out what approach we want to take – the important point is that we make giving back as important as our choosing to live the THPL life. 

Loving life when giving back