A "better" Fleece

When we think about the THPL and our ability to have a positive impact on Life, Learning and Fitness for ourselves and others we often look for role models or leaders who can show us both how to drive for better and better performance and/or to show what is possible is you are creative and willing to try things. 

Interestingly enough, a big company partnership is showing, in one way, that we can be creative and innovative and have a positive THPL impact (in this case on the environment).  North Face, has decided to use, with their iconic Denali fleece jacket, a new fabric from Polartec to make a great jacket that is environmentally friendly, good to look at, and functional in outdoors conditions. 

 Polartec Power Grid, uses 100 percent postconsumer discarded water, soda, and milk bottles as its base materials. And with their black/gray color fleeced they dye the finished fabric, by using black and gray yarn and combining it with matching cutting-room floor scrap.  The result of which saves water, reduces waste and reduces chemicals. Next year (2015), Polartec is projecting to turn one billion bottles into fleece.  How cool is that!

Loving life with a Polartec Power Grid enabled jacket