Emotional Strength

We know that THPL requires more than just physical or structural strength.  What we find as we journey forward towards improvements in performance and personal fulfillment is that to get to our maximum potential requires that we have a depth in emotional strength as well.  It is through our emotional strength that we see what our potential really is.  The body and brain are ready to perform but to tap them requires control of your mind (aka emotional strength). Our most successful THPL community members are not successful just because they have a high IQ or good genes.  Rather they are the people who have off-the-chart emotional strength. They learn to understand and control their emotions so that when things get tough they don’t lose control. Instead, they smile and keep moving. Building emotional strength, then, would be as important or even more important than a visit to the gym or library.  Work it and keep working it and you will see a remarkable leverage in all that you do and your version of THPL will rise to levels previously unexpected.   

Loving life with a secret weapon – emotional strength