The Ready Life

One of the great by-products of living the THPL life is that on many dimensions, you live in a state of readiness.  This state of readiness allows us to take on situations of uncertainty and one's that lack predictability.  It also allows us to act on a moment’s notice… run a race tomorrow, make a presentation in an hour, give some sound advice on a moments notice.  All of these states of readiness are directly linked to the efficacy and dedication that you bring to THPL. 

The ready life also gives you a feeling of resiliency that contributes to your overall well-being and ability to take on what is in front of you.  Which, as we know, has a huge impact on your ability to maximize your potential and can ultimately be the difference between seizing on an opportunity or missing it.  The key, therefore, is to focus on building core capabilities across Life, Learning and Fitness and practicing all the time.  This combo will enable you too do more than you think you can and be better than you think you are.   The ready life indeed.......

Loving life in a ready state