Just Ask a Question

There are some universal truths that apply to the mission of living the THPL and they apply across Life, Learning and Fitness.  One of these truths is that if you want to learn, want to get better, want to accelerate your path to progress then you need to find someone (or more) who are very good in your focus area and ask them a question.  And then ask them another question and another.  What question you ask?  That is up to you.  What do you want to know?  Technique?  Experience? Lessons Learned?  Training advice?  There are so many great questions that you would rarely run out of them.  Yes, you need to be prepared.  And no you should not be hesitant. 

We all like to be heard, to have our thoughts and insights valued and the best way to tap into this innate need is to ask a question.  When put in a thoughtful way I have never seen a question not answered – so there is no practical reason to hesitate, just be direct and interested in the answer.  And when you get this “approach” to be normalized you will find out so many amazing things, ideas, insights and suggestions that you will want to keep going back for more and more.  And then asking a question will be addicting for sure. 

One last thought – if you are asked a question, please give the same amount of time, energy and care that you want to get when you ask the question – just give it back as you want to receive it.  Y

Yea, this one is your gold in them hills…..

Loving life question in hand