A Cold Run

It sort of doesn’t matter where you are living in the US, because winter decided to show up early this year. And on days when the temps are 20-40 degrees less than normal even though you live THPL the cold can make it hard to get in a run outside – so runners face a choice: either run on the treadmill or learn to deal with winter. So on the days that you are feeling more of the THPL love and you want to brave the cold here are a few considerations and suggestions that make the run bearable and maybe even fun!

Expect your pace to be slower in the winter, both due to the cold and ice and the extra layers you are wearing. The winter months are a great time to lay a good training base of easy, aerobic running.

You should feel a little chilly at the start of your run, as it will feel about 20 degrees warmer once you’ve “warmed up.” Dress in layers so you can pull off the top layer if you get too warm.  Warm, wicking clothing is the most important aspect of running in the cold. Start with 

  • A wicking base-layer
  • A wind-resistant running jacket
  • Lined running pants
  • Smartwool or other merino wool socks
  • A good hat
  • Running gloves or mittens
  • Trail shoes or winter running shoes

If you have all of this stuff and a good attitude even a very cold day of running will be bearable and maybe even fun.  See you outside.

Loving life when I run and can see my breath