Pick Your Line

There are many sports where you “line” matters to your results.  Skiing, car racing, running, any activity that has you travelling from point to point requires that you make explicit decisions about the “optimal” path between the two points.  And when you see someone execute flawlessly, along his or her line, it is elegance in motion.  When we reflect on this idea, we realize that the results are not random at all – that in fact the athlete made a series of explicit decisions that optimized their path.  And  there is a nice connection for us when we think about how our THPL journey might benefit from being more explicit about “picking our line” in Life, Learning and Fitness. 

Consider then how to do this this  - it means being proactive and involved.  Plan your route and look ahead.  What is required?  Start doing before others do.  Point yourself in the right direction and go hard at it.  Don’t get distracted.  Stay focused on your line and dig in harder - use your whole mind and body and don’t look back.  The rest takes care of itself.  When you get it right you will feel the flow and as a result you will be convinced that picking your line and sticking to it is yet another way to get maximum benefit on your THPL journey.

Loving life when I am on my line.