Rethink - To think again, especially in order to make changes.  I like the sound of it.  Seems to be a good enabler of the THPL life.  So, how many times do we rethink?  If you check out the web we will find that there are a lot of organizations that start their org with the word rethink.  Each of them has oriented their mission to challenge or change what they have previously done.  They all aim to do it better, to be more, and to not be satisfied with the status quo.  And so the challenge to each of us as we pursue THPL is to make “rethink” a key part of our approach to Life, Learning and Fitness.  It is a good and healthy way to live.  The more we reflect, the more we assess, and the more we embrace that idea that, through a rethink, we have truly put ourselves on the path to improved performance and a more fulfilled life. 

Loving life after every rethink