Number 11

Number 11 is completed – my 11th marathon in 2014 and I am just one away from completing my goal of running a marathon a month.  It has been an incredible journey and for sure having the goal got me to run more marathons than I would otherwise.  Race day today was fun as I had three of our other THPL community members running races as well.  Frank was running the NYC marathon; Kimberly was running her first half marathon in Saint Louis and Steve was running through the snow in Massachusetts.   They all did great and it was fun to hear their race stories

My race was the tale of two halves – first half, fleet of feet and a great time, the second half I pulled myself to the finish line in 3:25 hours - this is fast enough for a Boston qualifier for 2016 but the time was a bit disappointing.   During the second half it was fun to think that I was running at the same time as my THPL partners – it was inspiring for sure.  And so it is – 11 done – and now I turn to thinking about when and where I will be running number 12.  I have a bit of a break and will appreciate minimally a month before the next and last marathon.   

Loving life after my 11th marathon, for sure.