One Month to Go

That’s it , one month to go – 2014, the year for big goals and great moments is coming to an end.  And that one last month of the year, oh how great it can be and oh, how tough it can be to stick to our goals.  Holidays, cold weather, parties, gifts, cookies, you name it there is one distraction after another.  And while we all should enjoy this time of the year we should also not throw the month away because we are too “busy”.  There are still 168 hours in a week – we can make a lot happen with that many hours.  So as we awake to this capstone month and get ourselves ready for a new set of goals for 2015 let’s think long and hard about December and how we can make it into a month that puts us over the top on our goals instead of letting it be the month that proverbially gets away from us. 

Think of it as your gift to yourself.  “Rock It” in December and 2015 becomes a whole lot easier…..  My gift is to get back together with Sally at least every other day in December (as a reminder Sally is our pushup challenge done with the song Flower from Moby).  Sally makes you wicked strong and I just like how hard it is to do.  December here we come – are you ready for THPL……

Loving life getting ready to close the year on a high note.