There are a lot of topics, challenges, ideas, and approaches that are discussed in this blog and they for the most part focus on the performance part of THPL.  And it strikes me that as each day passes it is important to remind ourselves that there is the other side to pushing towards high performance – relaxation.  We all know this, but need a reminder from time to time, that a moment of relaxation is good for the mind, body and soul.    When we embrace relaxation our goal is different  - it is to attain a state of calmness and serenity and to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and pain.  The suggestion is to make relaxation an important part of our day, our week, our year.  With a bit of focus and diligence on relaxing we can improve our health and mental state and get ourselves ready for our next big push towards high performance.  It is a good idea, indeed,

Loving life when I am relaxed