Strength…… muscular or mental power……vigor or force, they each describe something that sounds good, maybe even necessary if we are to drive to higher performance.  Might it be that we are missing this in our lives, that much of what we does not drive us towards developing strength.  Strength really is the basis for all physical and mental interaction.  It is the core and from the core we build, grow, and improve.  If the core is weak all around it is weak.  And so the question to our THPL community, to each of us, is what do we do on a daily basis to develop our strength.  Do we lift weights for physical strength – or do read foundation works for mental strength?  And while the form of how we develop strength matters – what matters most is that we make it a priority in our lives.  So, let’s make sure we think about building our “strength” every day.  It is what will ultimately make the difference – a real difference when it matters most – that is when we are pushing hard for that extra bit of performance and we get there.  And it will have been our focus on strength, at the core, that made it possible yet again.

Loving life when I am strong.