Obstacle....what obstacle?

There are a lot of obstacles that get in the way of living THPL.  Some of them are put there by others, some are of our own doing and then there are a few obstacles that are real.  And if we so choose, we can leave the obstacles in our way and we can miss the opportunity to accomplish so much more.  Or we can reframe our situation and improve our chances for success.  There are lots of steps that we can take that help us mover over, around and beyond our obstacles, here are a few:

  • Remind yourself of your goal and the reason you set the goal – you are ready, keep telling yourself that.
  • Think about all of the good things that will come from completing the goal
  • Bring a naïve attitude to your endeavor.  Ignore all of the rationale thoughts that increase the feeling of risk and let your preparation and your natural resiliency take you over the obstacles.

Keep telling yourself that when you stay committed to THPL even obstacles become manageable. 

Loving life jumping over obstacles.