12 Months, 12 marathons – a year ago I wrote it down, I committed to it, and on January 18th in Charleston, SC, I stepped to the starting line of my first marathon for 2014.  I crossed the finish line in 3 hours 25 minutes and the journey began.  It weaved its way through Arizona, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, Florida, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  I ran up mountains, in summer heat, in stiff winds, rain and all else that nature would deliver in a year.  Of course there were a few blisters, sore knees, strains and pains but nothing that would keep me from the next race.  Along the way I also ran two ultras and a Ragnar of 54 miles.   And so I find myself  with my 12th marathon finished today – it was a good race to end the year.  Time came in at 3:19, ninth place overall and an auspicious award as the winner of the Grand Masters category (over 50 haha). 

And so what does it all mean?  Well, for one thing this goal and accomplishment gave my 2014 THPL life a sense of purpose – it was a journey that challenged me in many ways.  I had to create a new mindset – the marathon was no longer a “long” distance – it was a race that had to be run.  I had to change from running marathons to being a marathon runner.  And I need to stay focused on form, feeling and finishing.  It all worked and I am thrilled to be done. 

I do feel that setting the goal changed what I did this year and it changed my life.  The power of a goal is big – transformative if you let it be.  The bigger the goal the more you find out about yourself – I went deeper into my soul and found good things.  I hope that one day all THPLers can find out the same thing.   Focus on Life, Learning and Fitness, live the THPL life, set big goals and stick to them and you can indeed find a deep sense of personal fulfillment.  Give it a try……it is truly worth it

Loving life with my goal completed.