Effort and Difficulty

 The good thing about having THPL alongside is that when we are on the path towards high performance THPL provides a reminder for how to think about the journey.  For example there are times when “effort and difficulty” can be perceived as negatives.  Sometimes they can even take us off course, they stop us from continuing.   On the contrary, THPL, shows us that "effort and difficulty" can really be seen as the pathway to high performance and to levels that we heretofore had not been able to reach.  The way we perceive and internalize challenge is core to what THPL teaches us.  We embrace challenge and “effort and difficult” are enablers of our success.  It’s not that we have to make it harder, rather, when it gets harder it is not an indicator that something is wrong or needs to change.  It might just mean that we need to stay in the moment, stay focused, push through and get to the proper outcome.  The more we work on our mindset the better it gets.  Seems almost easy, all we need is a strong mind and we perform better.  Hmmmm.  Not a bad takeaway, for sure…..               

Loving life when it gets difficult and hard.