Save Experiences not Things

One of the good things about THPL is that the journey that we go on is truly about building experiences and not focusing on the acquisition of things.  Yes, you might need a few “things”, like clothing or gear, to get the right experience but the focus is not on collecting things but on using them as you build your experience.  Experiences are a core element of our life – they are our stories, our learning’s, our reward.  We, in the THPL community, believe that we can take our experiences up a level and then again.  We know that by putting in the will, desire and follow through that we can create amazing experiences.  And when we do, we need not stop, rather we need to immerse ourselves in the experience, maximize the return and enjoy the outcome and the journey – they both are part of living the THPL life. 

PS – it dawned on me that the title of the post might just say all that needs to be said about this topic. 

Loving life saving experiences.