Dream it

Eight days to go in 2014.  Then what?  The THPL journey continues, but with what new goal?  Are we ready to outline out our “big adventure” for 2015?  I am sure that in the middle of this holiday season planning for 2015 adventures is lower on the list than normal.  But before the year gets away from us how about if we afford ourselves a few minutes each day to dream what we might want to do next year.  No reality check required yet – just our big dreams.  Let the mind wander – go “mongo” – Read 52 books, travel around the world, meet a thousand new people, climb a 14k peak in winter, sleep under the stars for a week, ride across America…..you get the idea – first dream big, do it for the next week and then let it soak in a bit – see what feels right – a big stretch, barely possible, remarkable to think about completing.  Then take it and start to plan and plan and plan.  By the time the first of the year comes around your big goal is locked in and not only possible – most likely probable.  Yup, that is it.  All we have to do is start with the dream.  What are we waiting for?  This is the fun part…..

Loving life, dreaming every chance I get.