The Night Before the Big Day

 It sort of hit me today – Christmas Eve is a metaphor for much of how we are to think about big days in our life.  We are to anticipate, get prepared, put time and effort into the ultimate success of the day.  How often do we have the opportunity to get “so prepared”?  Seems to me that there are a few lessons to be learned by this process that we repeat every year.  Think ahead, understand what others want, set a context for success and then execute with a great attitude.  Not too hard…. So, then it is that we should think about how we can do this in the rest of our lives.  We have a structure with THPL (life learning and fitness), we have the practice of preparation and follow through and now we just have to think about how it applies to other big days / events in our life.  It might just work – we are already good at this stuff….

Loving life, and the feeling of the night before