Must be Present to Win

 I am sure that you have found yourself in a situation where you entered a contest and the rules state that you “must be present to win”.  And in these situations there is often a moment when you have to decide to stay or go.  Your mind wanders, if I leave now and don’t win it is great that I save time.  But if I leave and my number is selected and I could have won, wow, that would be a bummer.  A feeling of helplessness comes over us and we know that in either case there is no good answer.  What we realize is that in these circumstances we are victims to chance and this is not a way to drive to personal fulfillment or improved performance

Instead, our model for “winning” is to that we need to be engaged at a very deep level while on our THPL journey.  We need to have a say in the outcome, that being present matters, but, it is not a choice of stay or go – it is a decision to be involved to help ensure the outcome.  We dare not hand off to others our fate to be determined indiscriminately.   Rather we need to bring an evolved mindset, one that considers us involved even when we are not there – that we are the driver of our destiny in our “always on” life. 

Yes, we must be “present to win” but in our case “present” means being involved so deeply that we can be the difference between success and the not so pretty alternative. 

Loving life, and making myself “present” at all times