The Age of Ideas

 We live in the age of the idea, ideas are the currency that we all trade on, grow from and get inspired by.  In a world with a high velocity of ideas so much is possible.  So many new ideas are spawned everyday that it is hard not to think about THPL and the impact that new ideas have on the way we take to Life, Learning and Fitness. And so it is, then, that we need to find our way into a community of people whom breath life into ideas. Whose internal energy percolates and from them comes ideas and how to use them on our THPL journey.  And when we hear of a new idea we need to stick it into our minds to live so that it can inspire us, influence our actions and shape our lives.   Be an idea seeker and or creator and your life will be better for it. 

Loving life with a flood of ideas all around me.