Food is Good

As we enter this fabulous holiday season there are invariably going to be many opportunities to have more food than normal and to have foods that are considered “bad for you”.  It is therefore important for us to remember that eating is good, that we should enjoy our food and we should also “treat” ourselves when the moment is right for it.    We know food choices have an impact on our lives so let’s step up to the challenge by minimally, being aware of what we eat.  Make sure we think about what we decide to eat, that we make an active tradeoff between “what we want” and “what we should have”.  That ultimately, we hold ourselves accountable for our food choices.  And when you find yourself out and about and you are “in the mood” for good food, then have what you want and enjoy it.  Keep your version of THPL fun and harmonistic by playing the right game with food – the one that leaves you the winner with all of your choices

Loving life cookie in hand…..