Active Listening

There are many ways to learn.  Read, experience, try, fail, the list is long.  Often, though, we miss that the best way to learn – and that is to listen.  And with THPL, there are many listening opportunities – we are in a community of very successful and accomplished people – we should tap into them more.  So how about we make it a goal to become better active listeners, that we reset ourselves, such that, listening becomes not only that which we hear through our ears….but rather we consider listening as a technique whereby we absorb information, content, ideas, approaches, best practices - we can listen with our ears, we can listen by feeling, we can listen by watching.  The key, is that as an active listener your aim is to absorb – not share – not to tell.  Think about it as a moment when you can get something so valuable and empowering  and that you can get it for free - no cost.  All you have to do is to show a desire to learn, to show an ability to open your mind, and to be strong so that you can keep the outside interruptions away while you are “listening”  When you do this you will get maximum value from your efforts and you will become the best form of pupil – better for it than we can even begin to describe. 

Loving life , as an active listener