When you fully commit to THPL there are few constraints that we allow ourselves.  We press ourselves everyday to do more, we set new goals, we rarely say no and we take on big things that stretch us further than we might find advisable.  We do this because we know that we will get more out of life, we would not be satisfied otherwise.  And on some days or weeks when you have stretched it to the limits (like this week where I have flown across the country three times in a different city everyday) it is really good to have some parts of your life, programmed…..dialed-in.  For me it is food and exercise.  If I put in the right food in me for at least two meals a day (breakfast and lunch essentially the same everyday) and I exercise every morning, I can take on much more.  What this does is creates stability in the middle of chaos and change.   And the predictability in key areas of my life allows the other variables to ebb and flow and have less impact.  If I was to change everything, every day, a mess would ensue and the only way to respond would be to back off……and on the THPL journey it never feels good when you “back-off” or take it easier. 

Ask yourself – what do I have dialed-in, in my life? Is it enough?  Do I have stability that gives me a strong daily foundation to take on more?  Depending on the answer you might consider making some changes that set you up to do more.  Create a few patterns that are repeated and when they work leave them alone.  They are enablers of your version of THPL.   

Loving life , when dialed-in