NY Bagel

Excellence in all we do is a key THPL theme - Life, Learning, Fitness – we strive for the best.  And as I ate an authentic local NY bagel today I was reminded why NY bagels are considered the best bagel there is.  The NY bagel is truly an iconic food, it has the perfect amount of chewiness and softness inside.  Is it the NY water or maybe something else?  So I dug in and found that there are a number of extra steps that locals take as they make the NY bagel – no shortcuts – just the exactly right process to get the best. 

For your learning journey  - the first step in making the NY bagel is to ferment the dough, letting it sit overnight in wooden containers, growing yeast and producing flavor compounds (you know this aroma the minute your rip open a NY bagel). The next additional step is to poach the bagel in water and then finally bake it.  The extra steps in this process are like the extra steps you take every time you push for higher performance.  Simply put the extra steps make the difference.  So, let’s take the example of the NY bagel (eating a few one the way) and let’s make our THPL journey real with that extra bit of effort.

Loving life , with a NY bagel in hand.