Central Park

There is a well-known phenomenon called the runners high.  It comes infrequently, and unpredictably.  And before today I thought it was mostly driven by some form of chemical coincidence inside the body.  But after a five-mile run in Central Park in NY I am convinced that the environment that you go for a run in can bring you a runners high.  The night was perfect, 67 degrees and bright blue skies….a perfect backdrop for this wonderful and vibrant / crowded city with a lot of people all in motion.  It seemed so natural to run in the park – flanked by runners, cyclists, and horse drawn carriages, we were all going counter clockwise in the park as if connected to a giant carousel, it was easy to run, actually in some ways it was as if I was floating along with each step easier than the one before.  And so I let the feeling and flow propel me around the park faster than planned and before I knew it I was back on Broadway heading to my hotel.  And as I traversed the last few blocks it dawned on me that THPL was the both the reason and the meaning for today’s experience.  And I will be forever grateful for having the ability and opportunity to experience such memorable moments.


Loving life while running in Central Park


Joey g