THPL is going through its first major change.  A new website, a new email format, a new process for the blogger.  All different, all about taking it to the next level.  After 19 months, it would have been easy to stick with the “old” process, to use Tumblr and keep THPL “as is”.  And in the ever more busy world that each of us live it is often logical to keep things the same.  Makes life easier, predictable, and reliable.  And there is a lot of legitimacy to these attributes of stability and sameness.  But, we all know, in our hearts and in our heads that change is required if we are to advance, improve, and develop.  And so the challenge for each of us today and in the coming weeks is, what change can you make in your life that gives you the potential to do better, to do more, to find out that you are indeed better than you think you are.  Even just the process of thinking about what you might change is good for you and all members of our community.  Maybe your change can be a new challenge, a different way of doing something you do today,  or setting stretch goals, how about a new technique for something you are good at……  well you get the message.  The first THPL change happened in January of 2013 and now in September of 2014 it is time for the next big change.  Welcome to THPL V2.0

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