Sharing Information

We have made so much progress with accessing information in our lives that we sometimes barely even realize that our consumption and application of information in our day to activities increases all the time.  We went from sorting information to making it easier to find, to being able to search for information and now the most power comes when we share. We all know that receiving "curated" content from someone like us is powerful.  It fits what we need and it is authenticated by the source.  Therefore we all have to make priority of sharing content

The implication of this new found power in our lives (that is sharing and receiving content) is that we need to set our minds to thinking about what we should share, when we should share, and how we should share it. .  Because it is easy to consume (or choose not to) the suggestion is to do it more than not and to make it a regular part of what we do on a daily basis.  Maybe you can even set a goal – share something every day, or every two days.  Either way you will be happy for sharing and the recipients will be better for having received it.  

Loving life when sharing what I know


Joey G