THPL – do you feel like you live THPL?  There are days when I am sure I do – then there are some days that do not really have that “feel” to them.  I started thinking, why do some days feel more THPL than others?  Isn’t it a way of life?  Then why the dissonance?  THPL is, for sure, a way of life – but then I realized that I was not looking at the totality of life but rather individual days, and on some of those days  I feel more explicitly like I am living THPL.  Turns out, they are the days when I push myself harder and farther than normal.  It seems that the attribute that brings out the THPL feeling the most is when I am uncomfortable.  So then the question is should we seek out being uncomfortable?  Should we put ourselves in situations that have some form of discomfort?  Might it be if we allow ourselves to be open to discomfort, at least a little at a time, we will feel more THPL like, and the more we do this the less likely we would be to quit the next time we feel uncomfortable.  It might even get to a point when we would be willing to push through a little (or more) discomfort to get to a better result. Seems like a solid idea for the THPL life. 

 And so it is , what I think we will find out is that there is not only nothing wrong with being uncomfortable; in fact it is the time when we get better, when we truly are living THPL and when we become more than we think we are and find out that we can do more than we knew we could.   Yes, indeed THPL living.


Loving life while uncomfortable