National Coffee Day

 Well, it might be a bit late for this post.  I suppose it should have been posted yesterday when you could have gone to many of the national chains and picked up your free coffee.  But in fact, while I was inspired by the day and the recognition of coffee as a global product, I wrote this post because coffee is yet another example of how performance has improved again and again and it continues to get better – sounds just like our THPL journey.  It shows us that you can take even the simplest of products and make it remarkably better. 

We can also dig deeply into the subject of coffee and learn more and more about what makes coffee taste better or minimally different.  It might be a personal statement, but, I am amazed at how different (and better) coffee can taste.   The bean, the roasting, the blend, originating country, brewing approach all can make a difference.  We truly have come a long way since the $.15 cent cup of coffee.  And so if you are a coffee drinker use the national coffee day as an inspiration to explore a little bit – try a different coffee and see if you like it and try to figure out why it is different.  Minimally, it should be fun

Loving life coffee in hand