The 20 hour day

I have been playing with this time zone life for past six months.  An eight-hour spread from London to NY to Orlando to Phoenix to San Francisco.  And on each trip I am pressed to figure out which time zone I am supposed to work in.  Do you start earlier or end later to synch up with the boys and girls who are hours from “your day”?  Or do you try to keep true to the basic day in your current time zone?  This used to be an easy decision – no technology to connect and you just did your thing.  Now we have everything from Skype to instant message to text to….well you get the idea.  You are literally available 20 hours a day.  And this comes to life more than ever when it is the end of the quarter – September 30th – for those of you who sell anything you know how important a day like this is – use every minute till midnight (somewhere).  And so with no constraints, no borders, and only the sun and moon to influence you the most likely outcome is you get up really early to get a good start to the day and you go to bed quite late to finish it off and you get your 20 hour day.  Funny thing is that THPL gives you the stamina to do it and that is a good thing, there is no bad thing – just a recognition that sometimes more is what you do.  More life, more learning, more fitness and more work……  It certainly beats the alternative.   :- 

Loving life in 20 hour increments.