Winter Run

Fresh snow all around and a cold breeze and the easiest thing to do is to stay inside, avoid the elements and wait for “better” weather.  And while this is sound thinking on one level it shortchanges the THPL experience on another level.  For sure we know there is a uniqueness to these kinds of moments.  So, then, what to do – the simple answer is, go for it – run in the snow 

From the minute you lace up your sneakers and step outside you enter a world that touches all of your senses.  There is an interesting quiet to the surroundings after a snowfall.  It makes you notice more and it has a beauty to it that is unique and inviting.  Then there is the cold air that grabs your attention, there is no passive way to run through the cold – you feel it and it reminds you that nature wins sometimes.  And then there is the realization that almost no one else is out there running.  You have taken an advantage that others missed out on.  A special opportunity captured and enjoyed.  And when you get back from your run there is definitely a great feeling having become closer to nature and yourself – something that only comes from special days, like that winter run through the snow – or that early morning beach run for those of us who live further south……

Loving life when running outside on a snowy day