Sliced Bread

There are some times when we need to bring humor into our THPL life.  For sure, it is one way that we can make our Life element even better.  And I have come to realize, with the influence of a few very good people, that there are many opportunities for levity and laughter….. but….when on our THPL mission we often forget to take a moment to laugh, and to do so when alone or with others.  And so this morning I had a nice opportunity for a simple chuckle that turned into laughter and just left me smiling.  I was at breakfast in the Marriott County Hall in London and on the continental buffet was a sign in front of the sliced bread that stated “sliced bread”.  Now I am not sure if you see the humor in this situation but it struck me as hilarious.  I know that the invention of sliced bread was momentous but it did seem quite redundant and slightly ridiculous to write out a description of that which is so obvious.  I stood there wondering, could this have been done to humor me and other guests in need of a laugh.  And if it was not done for reasons of humor I am just going to assume so and hope that I soon have another similarly funny experience to keep me smiling throughout the day.

Loving life with sliced bread in hand!