London Morning Run

 There are some days when it seems that there is not enough time to get in a run. Too much to do, or an early meeting, or you are just too tired. And so what to do? Is it important to get in the run? Maybe yes, maybe no.  Today I was faced with a 6am start to the day and thought – this could be tough, maybe just push it to later…right? And then that subconscious feeling started to bubble up - why not just get up earlier, what is a bit less sleep, busy days start better with a run completed and there would be no crowds on the streets of London, yea, I could run along the Thames, explore the vista and feel the cool morning air, yes, that sounds like a great idea.

And so I did just that, got up early, laced up the sneakers and went for a perfect four miles of pure bliss; the peace of the early morning, the cool winter air, the lights reflecting off the river and the majestic Bib Ben towering over me at every step along the way. It was as I had imagined and then some. Done and showered I started to think about the uniqueness of the experience that came of going out for this run. It would have been too easy to pass on the opportunity but no, it would be too bad to pass on the opportunity. I would have missed one of the great mornings that come about when we step out and do something a bit different. Yes, it was a great day and I very much look forward to the next one like this

Loving life running before dawn