The Journey

 A central theme of living the THPL life is the journey – the route that we take, the way that we take it and the experience that comes with it. And every day, regardless of our daily agenda, we can amp up how we think about our journey, what we can do to make it even more captivating and why we want to stay true to it. I read the following quote and was inspired - “The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to” Alain de Botton. How fitting - it supports our perspective of the journey and tells us that we must embrace them and make them good, no matter the circumstance.

My journey today from London to Dusseldorf had its great moments, the people, the terrain, the conversation and, oh yea, the strike at the airport that created bedlam on the way back – I realized there that it was up to me to determine the success of the day and so I worked my mindset to be calm and to react in such a way that I was able to find a way through the chaos to make my flight and conclude a fabulous journey with a smile and a peaceful soul.

So, take charge of the journey, make sure to stay on it, enjoy it as you go and remember that it is our own view, that which we control, that will set the foundation for great moments and even better journeys.

Loving life when on the journey