I don’t know why we wouldn’t be excited about the future.  As a matter of course I live my version of THPL “chasing tomorrow”.  I like the feel of it – tomorrow has to be better than today – that is because we can make it so. We need not live looking backwards or pining for the “old days”.  Rather, it is all about the choice that we make to be captivated by what is possible and while much of what is possible is created today – more of it is created in the future.  And then why not look forward it really is one of the great parts of the THPL journey the ability to get the questions answered that you don’t even know to ask.  How profound is that?  So, then life is really all about our Attitude, right?  Bring the right attitude and anything is possible.  The best part is we, each, own this one.  And from there we realize that with the right attitude we only have  good days, and great days, maybe a bad moment but never bad days.   It is not about getting everything – that is a fool’s game.  Embrace and make it better – be proud of who you are – if you are not then who might be?  Start with your attitude and then a lot will fall in place behind it

Loving life and  bringing the right attitude with me