(adventure) travel planning

We are seven days into 2015 and with week one completed in the year it is the perfect time to start to outline our travel (adventure) plans for the year.  There are so many reasons to plan our trips now.  We have very little, well most likely, minimal calendar 2015 issues to deal with.  We can virtually pick anytime to go on a trip and we have time to consider what it is we want to do.  So, let’s get to it – how about we make at least one of our trips into an adventure trip.                                                                   

And so as we make our selection for an adventure trip, we have to think of how to travel with an open mind. Even in the planning we have to be prepared for uncomfortable situations. Our mindset should be, we are going for an adventure and we would expect nothing less than to be uncomfortable. As we consider where to go we should be receptive to change in weather, terrain, language and locality. The best thing to do is to make our travel choices such that we can find a way to see and absorb the local culture, a place where we can meet people and get to know the place, maybe even learn a bit of the local dialect and customs.  Essentially, the trip should get you to know the place like he locals do and where we can let ourselves loose to enjoy travel (and life) to the fullest.  Time to get to planning our travel for 2015.

Loving life, and travel planning