Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

What could be better than sharing what you know?  Go through your THPL journey by yourself and it is an ok experience – start to share what you learn and all of a sudden things just get better.  It does take a while to practice something enough or be successful enough that you want to share.  But then there are the times that you just find something so interesting that you just need to share it.  The key is that at almost every turn of life you can find something to share.   And when you start sharing then others start sharing with you.  They help us learn, be better, get smarter, save us time and overall makes us feel better being part of a community that is focused on the overall good rather than individual good.  It really is a better place to be.  Give it a try and I am certain that you will feel better for it and life in and around you will just get better.

Loving life while sharing