There are a lot of things that make for a successful and enduring THPL journey. We all know them, and they range from the Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it, theme to the grit, determination and perseverance theme. And for all rights we know that it on our journey that results are what matter most. It is, for certain, what drives us to higher and higher levels of performance. But lest we become short sighted and autonomic I dare say that we need to consider a bigger view, one that has “enthusiasm” as a core, and critical, element of the THPL lifestyle.

The reasons are mostly self-evident. Enthusiasm is contagious, it implores people to do more, it feels good when you are around it and it raises everyone’s level of performance. Enthusiasm, “intense and eager enjoyment” – what is not to like? Let’s see if we can start an enthusiasm movement. We start by first being enthusiastic, and letting it flow to others, we encourage it and we celebrate it – and before we know it the enthusiasm bug has spread far and wide and great lives are made and THPL journey’s enjoyed and our mission accomplished.

Loving life with enthusiasm all around