Hmmm, it would only seem to make sense that the best of the THPL practitioners would spend a lot of time at their craft, Life, Learning and Fitness practice and more practice. It can take up a lot of time and focus. And along the way improvement happens through the repetition that is all part of the execution. And then there is the plateau that is reached – where just practice on its own stalls and the ability to improve is capped. Sadly many a person has hit this spot and abandoned their THPL journey. If only they had made a slight modification and sought input from others and had listened had to the advice. That simple act of listening provides the opportunity for improvement. For it is in the listening that new views are heard, that new ideas sprouted, that wisdom is imparted, that new techniques are shared and that productive feedback is given. Listening has such a profound impact on all dimensions of our lives but often we miss the chance to do so. We get so wrapped up in our own ways, our own lives, our own habits that we rarely take the time to ask for help, to listen to others and to make a sincere effort to listen and embrace and improve and grow. The cost is negligible, the impact great and the results even better. Time to take advantage of the great gift of listening and to get to it right now!

Loving life when listening actively